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I wish docs would actually do this


Press B to crouch.


The Boogeyman by Daniel Pagan




Why is Feminism Such a Dirty Word: Part 1

(all credit goes to justfeministhings)

Uhmm…none of these are true…

Uhmm…. every single one of them is true. These are all based on real events. Check your ignorance.


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Why is Feminism Such a Dirty Word: Part 1

(all credit goes to justfeministhings)

Ok first of all, these are the most narrow-minded and stupidest stereotypes ever. Being a feminist doesn’t mean you see men as inanimate objects, it means you see them as your equals. That they have the same rights as you, because thats what feminists are trying to achieve, gender equality. This does not mean we think we are superior to men, simply that we are equal and deserve to be treated that way.

Another thing, feminism doesn’t actually involve body shaming at all so I don’t know why you involved that in your anti-feminism post. That is a completely different thing, as I said feminism is the equality of genders, not bodies.

Women are victims, we don’t get the same pay as men. People will throw sexist and misogynistic comments at us, we are looked down on because of our gender. But so are men, which is why we need feminism. So that both men and women can be equal and free of stereotypical views. When you say you’re not a feminist, you aren’t saying women aren’t superior, you’re saying that you don’t believe in gender equality. That men don’t deserve to have the same rights as women, or that you wouldn’t have the same right as a women over your child if you were to have one. You’re saying that men should be strong and emotion-less like those stereotypes.

Before you make assumptions on something and post your opinions on the internet, make sure you have an actual grasp on what it is you’re talking about. Atleast understand what the word you’re saying means, it isn’t hard to look for the definition of feminism. Especially when your inaccurate opinion can rub off on other impressionable people.

Oh grow the hell up. Honestly, why are you feminists so damn interested in making sure everyone slaps your feminist cult label onto themselves? Feminism doesn’t own a monopoly on the word “equality”. Feminism has become a hugely flawed ideology and movement. These examples above? They’re not “narrow minded stereotypes”. This is what real feminism in action really looks like. These are all based on real instances in the feminist movement. Stop being ignorant by refusing to acknowledge how bad feminism has gotten. It’s ridiculous.


a pissed off woman who’s tired of feminists trying to force me to join a movement that I don’t want to be a part of


Extreme kabe-don.





Girl’s Costume Warehouse (X)


and frog


This is what happens when you don’t separate your colors and whites.

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RA: Group projects are disgusting